Ongoing Projects

TUBITAK Projects

1. Design and Manufacturing of a High Power Optical Cavity at TARLA (120C214) (Co-Funded Brain Circulation Scheme2)

Project Period: 2021-2023

Coordinator: Baris Yildirimdemir

Mentor: Avni Aksoy

Subject and Importance: One of the complex components of a high power FEL like TARLA is the optical resonator. The optical resonator consists of two (or more) mirrors placed at the ends of the undulator and maintained in a near perfect vacuum. One mirror is preferred to have 100% reflecting while the other has a hole to transmit a small amount of light for usage. The distance between the mirrors is critical and must be constantly maintained and adjusted to ensure that successive light pulses are kept in phase with the electron pulses, while transiting through the undulator. In addition to the optical resonator, cavity length and transverse alignment must meet stringent stability requirements at all times.